Onglyza™ Kombiglyze® Lawsuit – Side Effects

Heart Failure Associated with Onglyza™ and Kombiglyze® XR

Saxagliptin, the active ingredient in Onglyza™ and Kombiglyze® XR, has been associated with an increased risk of heart failure.

Heart Failure/Cardiac Failure

Heart failure (also known as cardiac failure) is a condition where the heart is not able to pump as well as it should. This results in a failure to deliver oxygen rich blood to cells throughout the body, causing weakness and shortness of breath. This makes everyday activities like walking and going up stairs very difficult. While there are treatments for heart failure that can improve quality of life, there is no cure.

Congestive Heart Failure (CHR)

Congestive heart failure is a stage in heart failure where fluid builds up around the heart, restricting its ability to pump blood through the body. With advanced congestive heart failure, fluids may also build up in the lungs, liver, and lower body and can be life-threatening.

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