Hip Replacement Lawsuit

If you or a loved one had hip replacement surgery, you may qualify for a cash award.

Several hip replacement models have been found to fail early, often within just a few years of being implanted. If you or a loved one had hip replacement surgery, even if you haven’t suffered side effects yet or had a claim denied before, you may qualify for a cash award.

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Man at doctor's office describes hip pain.Some hip replacement models are documented to fail more than 50% of the time. Many people who currently have functioning hip replacements will experience side effects and problems long before the end of the expected lifetime of the hip implant (10 to 25 years depending on the type of implant used). Because of this, hip replacement manufacturers have set aside billions of dollars for current and future lawsuits.

Side Effects of Defective Hip Implants

Common side effects that result from early device failure include:
Loosening of parts
Difficulty walking

Manufacturers Under Investigation

Several hip implant manufacturers are currently under fire for releasing faulty hip replacement models. There are currently several active lawsuits against hip manufacturers including:
DePuy Orthopedics
Stryker Orthopedics
Zimmer Holdings
Wright Medical

If you or a loved one has experienced side effects after hip replacement surgery or required revision surgery, you may qualify for a cash award. However, time to file a claim is limited. Our call center is open 24-7, so call now at 877-539-1539.

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