Essure Lawsuit

The Essure® birth control device is linked to unplanned pregnancies, serious complications, and death.

Sales of Essure in Europe and South America were stopped last year and it is finally being pulled from the U.S. market as the number of women reporting serious side effects continues to grow. Many women suffer complications so severe that they require surgery to remove their Essure implant. If you had Essure implanted before September 2016 and either had surgery to remove the device or have removal surgery scheduled, you may be entitled to a cash award. Call 877-539-1539 to learn more.

Thousands of women have reported serious complications related to the permanent birth control device Essure®. The device may come loose and move inside the body, leading to unplanned pregnancies and other serious complications including:
Nickel Poisoning
Hair Loss
Abdominal Pain
Back Pain
Unplanned Pregnancy
Surgery to remove the device
Migration or movement of the device
Device Fracture or Breakage
Punctured internal organs
Serious Infections

If you suffered serious complications leading to removal surgery or if a loved one died as a result of the Essure® birth control device, you may be entitled to money damages. Call the Gold Shield Group now at 877-539-1539 for a free, no obligation consultation.

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