Attune Knee Replacement – Symptoms

Symptoms of Knee Replacement Failure

The DePuy Attune knee replacement system may fail prematurely

Pain & Swelling

The biggest signs of early knee replacement failure are pain and swelling. Pain and Swelling are often early warning signs of the other side effects listed below.

Instability in the knee

Instability in the knee can happen at any time after knee replacement surgery; within a couple months to a couple years. Patients with instability often report that it feels as if the knee is about to give way. It may involve problems with both flexing and extending the leg.

stability that occurs within the first few months of surgery is usually caused by misaligned components, imbalance of the flexion–extension space, a fracture of the patella (floating knee bone), rupture of the patellar tendon, or rupture of the posterior cruciate ligament (PCL) or medial collateral ligament (MCL).

When instability occurs later, it is usually related to instability of the ligaments and/or polyethylene (PE) wear. PE wear is often a result of misaligned components and shows an asymmetric wear pattern.

Warmth or heat in the knee

Warmth or heat in the knee is typically a sign of infection or inflammation. Infection and inflammation can result in a loosening of parts and eventually lead a revision surgery.

Dislocation or misalignment of parts

One telltale sign of a dislocated knee is that it appears to be deformed. However, not all dislocations result in this kind of appearance. With a dislocation or misalignment of parts, the knee will sometimes be bent and cannot be straightened out or the kneecap may move to the side of the knee. Most often there will be pain and swelling.

Loosening of the knee replacement parts

There are several causes of loosening of knee parts. One common cause of part loosening are parts failing to attach securely to the bone. Stress due to excessive use, osteolysis (breakdown of bone tissue), and infection are other common causes.

Fractures of the bone(s) around the knee replacement

Bone fractures associated with total knee replacement may happen to the femur, tibia, or patella. Osteoporosis often plays a role, but fractures may also be caused by minor accidents such as tripping and falling.

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