Taxotere Hair Loss Lawsuit – Side Effects

Taxotere® Side Effects

Learn more about side effects associated with the chemotherapy drug Taxotere®

Alopecia (Permanent Hair Loss)

Hair loss is the most common side effect of chemotherapy treatments. However, permanent hair loss (alopecia) is very uncommon.Medical research has linked Taxotere® to permanent hair loss.

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Nausea, Loss of Appetite

Nausea and loss of appetite are also common. This can be due to sore mouth, throat ulcers or taste changes that occur during treatment. These side effects are usually temporary and typically go away after chemotherapy.

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Physical Changes Besides Hair Loss

Skin rashes are common among chemotherapy patients as well as sensitivity to bruising. It is not uncommon for nails to become brittle, discolored, and break easily. Muscle and joint pain can become more pronounced.

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Fatigue and Risk of Infection

Chemotherapy can also lead to a lack of energy and an increased risk of infection as a result of reduced white blood cell count.

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