Taxotere Hair Loss Lawsuit – News

Taxotere® may cause Permanent Baldness.

Did Taxotere® Manufacturer Know About Permanent Hair Loss?

A federal lawsuit filed in San Diego accuses the manufacturer of the chemotherapy drug Taxotere® of failing to warn doctors and patients about the increased risk of permanent baldness.


Breast Cancer Patient says Taxotere® Left Her "Devoid of any Femininity"

Cancer patient Shirley Ledlie survived breast cancer only to learn that the cancer treatment had left her permanently bald. “What was supposed to be a temporary side-effect was actually going to be a permanent disfiguring feature in my life,” said Shirley after learning that her would not grow back. “I left the clinic that day in total denial and devoid of any femininity.”


Cancer Patients Ask "Why Wasn't I Given a Choice?"

An increasing number of women are reporting that they are now permanently bald as a result of chemotherapy treatments with the drug Taxotere®. Women from Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom and France are calling themselves the Taxotears.



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