Taxotere Hair Loss Lawsuit

Chemotherapy Drug Taxotere® linked to Permanent Hair Loss

If you or a loved one survived cancer and are now experiencing permanent hair loss (alopecia) after chemotherapy, you may be entitled to a CASH AWARD. Taxotere® is commonly used in cancer treatments and has been linked to permanent hair loss. The manufacturer of Taxotere® was aware their drug increased the risk of permanent hair loss, but failed to notify patients until it was much too late. If you suffered permanent hair loss (alopecia) after undergoing chemotherapy for breast cancer, call the Gold Shield Group at 877-539-1539 to see if you qualify for a CASH AWARD.

The chemotherapy drug Taxotere may be linked to permanent hair loss.

How Taxotere® Works

Taxotere® (also known as Docetaxel) works by preventing cancer cells from dividing and creating new cancer cells, actively stopping cancer growth in its tracks. It’s used to treat breast, lung, prostate, head/neck and stomach cancer. Typically, the chemotherapy drug is absorbed into the patient’s body via an IV drip. While this medication has saved numerous lives, many patients suffer lifelong hair loss that serves as a permanent reminder of their fight with the disease.

Research and Science

An article published by The Oxford Journals in the Annals of Oncology presented research and archived statements from patients who had taken docetaxel (Taxotere®) for chemotherapy. Their investigation discovered that, “ . . . taxanes [Taxotere®] seem to be responsible for the side-effect.” Another study discovered that the use of docetaxel (Taxotere®) increased the risk of permanent alopecia. At the 2014 NCRI Cancer Conference, a survey was presented that also supported that claim.

Hair Loss and Quality of Life

Analysis collected from cancer survivors who suffered permanent hair loss reported a much lower 'quality of life' and many claimed that permanent hair loss was one of the worst side effects they endured. Survivors who sustained permanent hair loss also stated an increase in anxiety, a negative impact on their social and intimate relationships, financial strain, extreme embarrassment, and a general loss of life enjoyment.

What are the Side Effects of Taxotere®?

The FDA added permanent alopecia to the Taxotere® safety labeling in December 2015. A more complete list of side effects includes the following:

  • Permanent Hair Loss (Alopecia)
  • Nausea, Loss of Appetite
  • Physical Changes
  • Fatigue

Visit the side effects page to learn more.

Manufacturer Knew About Hair Loss

Yvonne Bemiss, a breast cancer survivor who was treated with Taxotere®, sued Sanofi-Aventis (the manufacturer of Taxotere®) after suffering permanent hair loss. The lawsuit uncovered that while the manufacturer publicized the increased risk of permanent hair loss to European countries and Canada; they simply forgot to alert any doctors or patients in the United States until January, 2016. Sanofi-Aventis lost the lawsuit and Taxotere® victims are coming forward to file claims and receive the compensation they deserve.

If you or a loved one survived cancer and are now experiencing permanent hair loss (alopecia), call the Gold Shield Group at 877-539-1539 to see if you qualify for a CASH AWARD.

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