Talcum Powder Lawsuit

Talcum-based baby powder is linked to ovarian cancer.

Johnson & Johnson was ordered to pay $55 million to a woman who said that her ovarian cancer was caused by using the company's talc powder products. If you or a loved one has used Johnson & Johnson Talc Powder regularly and have been diagnosed with ovarian cancer, call the Gold Shield Group at 877-539-1539 to see if you qualify for a CASH AWARD.

The plaintiff, Gloria Ristesund, used the company's feminine hygiene powder products (such as Johnson's Baby Powder and Shower to Shower) for decades. (To watch video of the Gloria Ristesund trial, click here.)
Johnson & Johnson Baby Powder and Shower to Shower talc products may be linked to ovarian cancer.

“It was really clear they were hiding something. All they had to do was put a warning label on.” – Jury foreman Krista Smith

Gloria Ristesund fought against Johnson & Johnson in court and claimed that the company knew about the dangers of using talcum powder for years, but hid that information from consumers. This is the third time a jury has ruled against Johnson & Johnson. The family of Jackie Brown was recently awarded $72 million after Ms. Brown blamed her ovarian cancer on Johnson’s Baby Powder. Johnson’s lawyers also argued in court that Johnson & Johnson was negligent it not informing the public about the link between ovarian cancer and using talcum powder products.

The third case happened in 2013 when a federal jury in South Dakota also ruled in favor of a woman suing Johnson & Johnson, again claiming that talcum powder use was associated with ovarian cancer. One expert witness, a Harvard epidemiologist who had studied the links between baby powder and ovarian cancer, said that he believes that about 10,000 cases of the new ovarian cancer cases diagnosed in 2013 will be associated with genital use of talcum powder.

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