Hernia Mesh Lawsuit – Side Effects

Ethicon Physiomesh Side Effects

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Ethicon's Physiomesh has been known to cause infections due to defects in the product. Infections caused by Physiomesh usually appear in the abdominal area near on in the physiomesh device.


Hernia Recurrence

In patients with Ethicon's Physiomesh, patient databases show a higher than average occurrence of hernias reopening compared to other products on the market. Hernia recurrence is a serious problem because each recurrence of a hernia is more difficult to repair than the last and is more likely to have long-term adverse events.


Intestinal blockage

In some cases, Ethicon's Physiomesh can cause Intestinal blockage, which is when digested material is prevented from passing through the bowel normally. Symptoms of intestinal blockage include severe bloating, abdominal pain, constipation, diarrhe, and severe abdominal cramp.



Many recipients of defective physiomesh devices have reported pain resulting from the device. Reports of soreness and redness around the surgery site are common.


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