Attune Knee Replacement

The DePuy Attune® knee replacement is associated with a High Rate of Early Failure.

The Attune® Knee System (manufactured by DePuy Orthopaedics, a subsidiary of Johnson & Johnson) has been named in a growing number of adverse event complaints with the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Although knee replacements often last up to 20 years, knee replacement patients with the Attune® Knee System have been reporting early failure of the device, often within a couple years and sometimes within months of the surgery.

Patients whose implants fail prematurely often require revision surgery. Revision surgeries for knee replacements are more invasive and usually more painful than first-time knee replacement surgery. In order to perform a revision surgery, surgeons typically must break the original device away from the bone and often have to cement the new implant into place.

Sometimes, the Attune® Knee System can damage the bone so badly that the knee must be reconstructed before a new knee replacement can be implanted. These reconstructive surgeries also make patients more likely to suffer an infection and other complications including nerve or blood vessel damage.

Symptoms of Knee Replacement Failure

The biggest sign of early knee replacement failure is pain. However, you may also experience some of the following symptoms as well:
  Instability in the knee
  Warmth or heat in the knee
  Dislocation or misalignment of parts
  Loosening of the knee replacement parts
  Fractures of the bone(s) around the knee replacement

The Attune® knee replacement has not been recalled, but the number of injury reports concerning the knee replacement continue to pour into the FDA. If you or a loved one are experiencing problems with your knee replacement, call the Gold Shield Group at 888-528-5291.


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