Saturday, May 27, 2017
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Allergies Transferred Through Blood Transfusion

The child never experienced allergies before the blood transfusion.

The child never experienced allergies before the blood transfusion.

8 year old patient experiences a rare transfer of allergies.

A new case in Canada has medical providers and doctors questioning the connection between blood transfusions and newly developed allergens.

An 8-year-old child who received a blood transfusion while undergoing treatment for a brain tumor developed a severe anaphylactic reaction after consuming fish.  The child was admitted back into the hospital a few days later with a similar reaction after eating peanut butter candy.
Doctors quickly treated him with antihistamines and he was advised to carry an epinephrine injector in case of subsequent reactions.

In determining the cause for his new allergies, specialists are speculating that the proteins transmitted by the blood transfusion, known as immunoglobulin E, set off the child’s reactions to the fish and peanut butter. While the transfer of allergies during blood transfusion is not common, other cases have been noted in the early 2000’s where patients who had no history of allergies prior to a blood transfusion experienced anaphylactic reactions after the procedure.

Though many tests and procedures are done to ensure that blood donors do not pass on infections or diseases, cases such as this one make it hard to determine if the E proteins in a donor’s blood contains allergens.

No current restrictions are in place preventing those with allergies from donating blood.

The 8-year old child saw his symptoms gradually lessen over time, and now experiences no severe reactions after consuming fish or peanut butter.

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