Saturday, May 27, 2017
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5 Risky Drugs To Use During Pregnancy

Many drugs have been associated with birth defects, such as Zofran, or Zoloft.

Many drugs have been associated with birth defects, such as Zofran, or Zoloft.

Many questions are raised concerning the safety of medicines that are used during pregnancy. Many drugs are found to cause birth defects, or other health risks in the baby. Even drugs used to treat morning sickness have been associated with the increased risk of birth defects or health risks. Do you know the drugs that are worthy of a conversation with your doctor? Here are 5 drugs you should  be aware of.

1. Aspirin or ibuprofen

Aspirin and ibuprofen can interfere with the bloods clotting abilities. If taken during pregnancy, especially after 32 weeks, maternal and fetal bleeding can occur. These pain relievers can also cause a premature closing of a vessel in the heart, which in turn can cause the babies lungs to have high blood pressure.

2. Isotrentinoin (Accutane)

Accutane is a drug taken for acne. This drug can cause serious health risks to your baby, such as premature birth,  intellectual or developmental disabilities, birth defects, or the pregnancy can result in miscarriage.

3. Thalidomide

This drug is used for treatment with a type of skin disease. It can cause serious birth defects in babies, such as ameilia, hypo plasticity of the bones, eye abnormality

4. Some Antidepressants 

A few antidepressants have been known to cause birth defects when used during pregnancy, such a Zoloft.

5.  Lithium

The use of Lithium in pregnant women has been associated with the increase risk of a heart defect, if used during the first trimester.The most common birth defect is Ebstein’s anomaly, the abnormal placement of a valve.

Any birth defects thats are associated with the use of these drugs are concerning, but it is very important to know to never stop a drug without the attention of a doctor.

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